The Transcat Dog/Cat Door fit an Electromagnetic Unit which is designed to only allow the cats and dogs you want to allow entry into your home.

The Electronic unit is positioned behind the flap which remains locked until unlocked by the special magnetic collar attachment coming within range.

How does it work?
Your Dog or Cat wears a small magnet cushioned in a soft, light weight holder attached to any type of collar. The Transcat Electromagnetic unit is for use only with the Small Cat Door.

A sensor inside the electronic unit will release the Transcat door latch when your pet approaches, allowing your pet to enter. The latch will remain open for approximately 5 seconds to give them plenty of time to enter.

Colour: Available in Beige or Black - Please select your preference from the drop down list. You will receive one magnet.


Brand Transcat
SKU 3285
Category Doors

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