Travelling with your dog should be as safe as travelling with anyone.

You don't want them bouncing around causing harm to you or them, so allow them safetly and comfort with a dog booster seat that boasts extendable legs so that your furry friend can enjoy a ride with a view.


  • Reinforced solid plastic frame for extra security
  • Plush seat and padded side like a pet bed
  • Folded legs - height ranges from 10" to 14"
  • Strong harness straps keep your pet securely in his dog car seat
  • Includes a removable travel bowl for food and water
  • Recommended for dogs up to 12kg
  • Easily removed and doubles as a pet bed

Plush Seat
This dog car seat features a seat with thick foam and plush fleece as well as padded sides that look and feel like a dog bed, making your pet's drive comfy and enjoyable. When you arrive at your destination, the dog booster seat can be used as a pet bed with the legs folded under - perfect for on-the-road stops or at home.

Safety First
Dependable anchor strap fastens through three openings to provide a strong anchor and seat plastic is ribbed and reinforced. The Good Pet Stuff Aquiline Travelin' Dog Pet Carseat sports heavy duty straps at the back and sides that connect to your dog's harness. The dog booster seat's 1½" back strap prevents your pawed passenger from falling forward during sudden stops; the 1" sides traps keep him from being thrown sideways. The back strap fastens through three openings in the back of the dog car seat to provide a strong anchor. The plastic frame in this area is reinforced for added security.

Beneath the Sherpa cover foam bed base is a roomy storage area that's ideal for extra treats, pets favorite items and more... Sherpa cover is removable and can be easily cleaned. The seat comes with a travel food and water bowl complete with lid. That way, your pet can enjoy snacks and water without making a huge mess or distracting you from driving. You can detach the travel bowl from the dog car seat when you arrive at your destination whether it's home or a fun stop on your journey.

Size: 43cm (depth) x 48cm (width) x 25cm (height)


SKU 30-7770
Barcode # 643500827007
Pet Dog
Category Travel
Features Car Seat

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