Tuffy Dinosaur Destructosaurus Toy for Dogs

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Beneath the shadows of the mountains walks the legendary terror - the Tuffy Destructosaurus.

Dinosaurs once roamed the earth, but then disappeared. Not to worry! They're back and as BIG and BAD as ever. Your dog will love chasing down a Tuffy dinosaur to show them who's boss in this era. Tuffy makes a wide variety of unique dog toys and prehistoric creatures to give your pet (or even your kids) hours of fun and rad entertainment. Tuffy dog toys are durable high quality.

Tuffy Dinosaur Destructosaurus Toy for Dogs - The Lawyer Destroyer -- Beware all those that twist the law and impose unwarranted threats upon others... From the Depths of Hell comes Destructosaurus. Sent by the Devil Himself, from the Fiery depths of hell, Destructosaurus seeks to punish all those who threaten to take away any dog's toys and ruin playtime. Who dare take a toy away, a toy from the innocent loving paws of Mans Best Friend. Never fear Destructosaurus is here and with his sharp teeth and claws he will devour anyone who attempts to put restrictive shackles on his canine pals. Stand behind your twisted view of the law, O’ evil hater of dogs. Destuctosaurus is here to punish you and drag you to hell where you can sit side by side with your creator.Size: 48cm x 38cm x 15cm

Size: 76cm (length) x 66cm (height) x 20cm (width)

WARNING - THIS TOY IS A GIGANTIC TOY ! ! Great for large dogs and even for children.


Tuffy toys are made with the highest quality materials and are the most durable tough dog toys and unique dog toys available. In fact, Tuffy pet toys are the "Tuffest" soft toys on the planet! Your dogs will love the softness and the squeakers. You will love the tough dog toys and how quiet the squeakers are! The tug dog toys and other toys for dog are high quality and lots of fun.

Dinosaur Construction: Multiple Layers Sewn Multiple Times! Tuffy's Pet Toys are the most durable toys available. There is no such thing as Indestructible! Each toy is stuffed with safe, non-toxic fiber and we added a protective pouch around each squeaker as an added safety measure in the unlikely event your dog gets to the core. Our toys have been tested on numerous dogs (including our own) to ensure the highest quality and most fun for our best (four legged) friends and the best value for our two legged customers.

What toy is best for my sized dog?
For small or toy breeds, the Jr. Series toys are best. For medium to large breeds, Mega Rings, Ultimate Series & Sea Creatures are a good size. However, the Dinosaur toys are best only for large breeds as these toys are extremely large & heavy.

My dog chews up every toy he gets within minutes. How are Tuffy Toys any different?
Tuffy Toys are made with multiple layers of durable material and seven layers of stitching making them one of the "Tuffest" soft toys available. However, keep in mind that Tuffy Toys are NOT chew toys and will not stand up to a dog's constant chewing. Tuffys are intended for interactive training & play. So if you play with your dog then put the Tuffy Toy away when you're done, they will last quite a long time even with rough play.

How are Tuffy Toys made?
Tuffy toys are the most durable soft toys available. They are made with 4 layers of bonded material (fleece, luggage material, plastic), stuffed with non-toxic fiber, and assembled with 7 layers of stitching for added durability. CLICK HERE for more information and to see a cutaway view of their construction. Note: Mega toys are made with 7 layers of material for maximum durability.

How loud is the squeaker?
The squeakers in Tuffy Toys are loud enough to excite a dog but quiet enough to not be annoying to their owners.

My dog likes to play fetch in the ocean or a lake. Do Tuffy Toys float and are they washable?
Yes! Tuffys are designed to float and are machine washable (air dry only please). This makes them ideal for water play and after a good wash, they're good as new.

What kind of guarantee do you offer for Tuffy Toys?
All our toys are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects. Keep in mind that Tuffy Toys are "soft" toys and are not indestructible nor will they stand up to a dog's constant chewing. Tuffy Toys are intended for interactive training or play only. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantee on the length of useful life of the toys. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog does not chew the toys.

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