Boost your dog’s health with the Vets All Natural Multivitamin Health Chews!

With these tasty and nutritious multivitamin health chews, your dog can stay healthy and happy for life! These nutrient powerhouse chews are vet-formulated to ensure your pet gets all the essential vitamins and minerals they require for optimal health.

These chews are all-natural and Australian-made with premium ingredients, such as kangaroo, green tea, kelp, and flax meal, and are low-allergen, which makes it easy for dogs with sensitive stomachs to eat and digest. The Vets All Natural Multivitamin Health Chews has nutrients like zinc, colostrum, iodine, and antioxidants to ensure your pet gets the best nutrition possible with this pet supplement. Prebiotics are also included in this formula to boost gut health and cultivate good gut bacteria for better digestion and nutrient absorption.


  • All-natural, Australian-made, vet-formulated multivitamin health chews for dogs
  • Tasty and low-allergen chews that dogs love – can be added in food or eaten by itself!
  • Helps boost your dog’s health, vitality, longevity, and immune system
  • Packed with nutrients like zinc, iodine, vitamin C, and colostrum
  • Contains prebiotics to help cultivate good gut bacteria and improve overall gut health
  • Best for growing puppies, elderly dogs, pregnant or lactating dogs, and dogs recovering from injuries and illnesses

Size: 270g

Vets All Natural Multivitamin Health Chews to help support your dog’s health and well-being!


Brand Vets All Natural
Barcode # 9323961007965
Pet Dog
Category Health & Wellbeing
Application Type Chew
Type Multivitamin

Kangaroo, Liver, Colostrum, Ginger, Green Tea, Flax meal, Kelp, Whole herbs


Vitamins & Minerals Breakdown:


Helps cultivate good gut bacteria to improve digestion and overall gut health


Stimulates and improves the immune system


Boosts skin and bone health

Vitamin C

Improves health of tendons, bones, and cartilage


High levels of iodine for healthy thyroid functioning and for vitamins E, D, and K

Milk Thistle

An antioxidant and improves liver functioning

Trace Elements

Vital for maintaining and recuperating health


Dog Weight:

Up to 5kg


Over 25kg


1/2 - 1 chew

1-2 chews

2-4 chews


Typical average analysis (g/100g):

Protein: 20.0

Moisture: 18.1

Fat-Total: 6.4

Ash: 15.4

Average nutritional breakdown (mg or IU/kg):

Calcium: 3,100

Vitamin A: 25 IU

Vitamin E: 6.25 IU

Zinc: 130

Boron: 18.25

Vitamin B1: 0.98

Vitamin B2: 1.68

Vitamin D: 50 IU

Magnesium: 1,400

Vitamin C: 1250

Selenium: 0.07

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