Scratching is an instinctive behaviour for a cat. And cats love boxes so...

This Zodiac cat scratcher is the perfect entertainment and resting station for your cat. Cats Love Cardboard. Zodiac has taken the humble cardboard box and created a stylish scratcher that you'd be happy to leave in the living room. The lounger features a sofa design and a surface to give your cat's claws a workout in style. Its "bench" shape makes this scratcher ideal for scratching and lounging - 'cos that's how kitties roll!

A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. It helps them sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws; stretch and flex their bodies; and to work off energy. The Zodiac lounging scratcher provides your cat with the rough scratching surface it needs, while helping to protect your furniture and carpets from claw damage.


  • Ideal for curling up
  • Helps cats remove dead claw layers
  • Provides dual functions as both a scratching and a resting spot
  • Long-lasting, heavy duty cardboard
  • Great for indoor entertainment;

Dimensions: Approx. 60cm


Brand Zodiac
SKU ZS1785
Barcode # 6973718260056
Pet Cat
Category Cat Furniture
Material Cardboard

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