Get your dog ready for outdoor activities with the Adventure Backpack from ZippyPaws!

Carrying toys, treats, water, and other dog essentials can be a pain if you don’t have the right equipment. But, with the Adventure Backpack, you can now make outdoor trips more exciting and fun for your pet. Whether you’re going on a walk or you’re visiting the park, this backpack can be used to hold your belongings while your dog helps carry the load, too!

This pack features two saddle bags on either side to help keep weight evenly distributed for easier carrying. Made from lightweight, breathable material, this bag helps your dog stay cool, especially while you’re on walks and hikes. Lined with reflective rims, this doggy backpack also provides easy visibility so you can always spot your dog even from a distance.

The Adventure Backpack has a harness-like design and cloaks around your pet’s body. With adjustable snap buckle straps, you can give your canine a comfortable and secure fit to prevent the bag from slipping off. The handle on the top makes it easy to control your dog’s movements and stop them anytime for added safety. If you and your furry friend enjoy the great outdoors and regular activity, make the ZippyPaws Adventure Backpack a part of your everyday essentials!

*Note: It’s best to keep weight of backpack and items inside 25% below your dog’s weight.


  • High-quality doggy backpack for outdoor adventures like hiking
  • Lightweight bag for easy carrying
  • Features 2 side bags for holding water, toys, treats, and more
  • Two side bags help distribute weight evenly to keep your canine comfortable
  • Zipper closure to keep belongings inside safe
  • Reflective lining for easy visibility
  • Adjustable straps
  • Sturdy handle on the top to hold onto when you need to control pet’s movements
  • Snap buckle closure for effortless wear and removal
  • Wraps around your pet’s body like a harness for a secure fit
  • Made from breathable fabric to keep your dog cool

Color: Forest Green

Sizes Available:


Durable backpack for long-lasting use!


Brand Zippy Paws
Barcode # 818786015091
Size Small

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