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Give your dog their own outdoor home with the HoundHouse’s exclusive dog kennel! HoundHouse’s Canvas Dog Kennel is temperature-sensitive and adapts to the weather, giving your dog a cool, shaded area to rest in during the steamy summer and a warm, cosy place to sleep during the cold winters. This is an Australia-exclusive dog kennel only sold here in Australia!

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Find one of the best dog kennels in Australia with HoundHouse’s cleverly designed Canvas Dog Kennel that’s meant for all dogs to take shelter in. This outdoor dog house is made with smart features to ensure a comfortable, long-term stay for your pet. It’s made with a large-weave canvas, which helps protect against flea eggs (since they can’t hatch with this type of material) and provides more air ventilation throughout the kennel. Another unique feature is the high-raised design so that dogs with arthritis or joint/muscle pain don’t have to rest on cold, hard ground that can worsen their ailments and physical health. Completely weatherproof and portable, the HoundHouse Kennel can collapse and store away easily and is lightweight for hassle-free carrying. Comes in different sizes and the perfect kennel for large dogs like German Shepherds!