Lucky Paws Club

What is the Lucky Paws Club?
The Lucky Paws Club was created with pet lovers and their pets in mind!  We wanted to create a Members Only Club that says “Thank You” to people who love their pets as much as we do and this is it! 

You will be the first person in Australia to find out about exciting new items at Lucky Pet that you and your pet will love, including seasonal tips and Members Only specials. 

Reward Points
Yes, you'll receive REWARD POINTS. The rewards program turns every dollar you spend on purchases into Reward Points that are redeemable on the Lucky Pet website or in our shop!

It’s easy to earn points and it’s even quicker to get to a level that you can spend them!  Unlike other reward programs out there, you only need to get 100 points to start using them. Each dollar you spend earns you one point, and every 100 points turns into $2.50 in value.

How to use your points
Once you add products to your cart, head over to "checkout". Under number 3 "Payment Details" on the checkout screen, you will see the number of reward points you have and can use. You will need a minimum of 100 points to use them. Enter the amount you want to use, then select your preferred payment method for the balance. The credit will come off the grand total on the right.


How can you become a member?
It’s really simple!  When you register for an account on the website you’ll automatically be enrolled.

Yay, Happy Days!