Find K9 Advantix® flea and tick treatment for dogs here at Lucky Pets Supplies. Provide quick relief for your canine with this spot-on topical treatment to kill ticks and fleas. Available in single or multiple 1-month supply packs and for all dog sizes and breeds.

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K9 Advantix® by Bayer is a dog-only flea and tick treatment that kills on contact before these pests can bite and irritate your pet. Formulated to repel sand and stable flies, fleas, ticks (paralysis, brown dog), mosquitoes, and lice, this all-in-one pest control solution for canines helps prevent the transmission of diseases, even life-threatening ones, so that your dog can live a healthy and pest-free life. K9 Advantix® is a topical flea and tick treatment for dogs and comes in a pipette for easy application.