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For the extra exuberant dogs that are passionate about playtime, West Paw builds engaging and entertaining dog toys that are specially made for dogs that play hard. Ideal for active dogs that love to play in water or on land, West Paw’s ZogoFlex® durable toys make great chew toys for dogs as well as playthings used for various activities like fetch.

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West Paw ZogoFlex® tough interactive dog toys are made with resilient material that’s slightly squishy and bouncy and can be used on land or in water! These versatile pet toys come in many forms, from the award-winning treat-hiding Qwizi Treat Dispenser to the Hurley Fetch Toy. The treat-dispensing toys from West Paw double as great chew toys as well and mentally stimulate your pet since these toys provide challenging puzzle games for dogs. Made in the USA.