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Make it easier to train your dog with BlackDog Wear training leads, harnesses, head halters, and more. BlackDog Wear also provides pet parents with handy accessories for outdoor training, such as portable treat bags, pet seat belt harnesses, and training clickers.

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BlackDog Wear provides long (e.g., 3 metres to 11 metres) and adjustable training leads to help you train your dog to come to you every time. You can use these leads for recall training, tracking training or any other leash dog training. Versatile and easy to use, these dog leads have adjustable lengths for easier customisation for pet parents. Traditional styled loop handle end leads for better control and comfortable gripping. BlackDog strong leads are specially designed to fold and store away easily without getting tangled for hassle-free use. For additional canine training gear and accessories, BlackDog features a selection of convenient goodies for pet parents. You can find safety pet seat belt harnesses, training head halters, dog training clickers, and wearable pet treat bags.