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For an eco-friendly cat litter option, make Breeders Choice Cat Litter Recycled Paper Pellets your cat’s new favourite bathroom. Made from biodegradable, recycled paper material, this dust-free cat litter is a natural option for environmentally conscious felines and cat owners. Contains zero additives and chemicals for safe cat litter for your kitty.

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Breeders Choice Cat Litter is made from recycled paper pellets for an Earth-friendly, biodegradable cat litter option for pet parents. This no-dust, non-tracking cat litter is a high moisture absorber and doesn’t mark floors. It has a natural odour eliminator to control smells for a cleaner cat litter. Without the use of dust, this cat litter is hypoallergenic and unscented. Breeders Choice Cat Litter helps cats and cat owners live with less carbon footprint (or pawprint) and is an affordable cat litter alternative.