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Find Paleo-friendly dry dog and cat food here at Lucky Pet Supplies! Absolute Holistic is an all-natural pet food company that offers wholesome grain-free nutrition for canines and felines and specialises in holistic air-dried and traditional pet food. From beef & venison to mackerel & lamb, Absolute Holistic provides a variety of nutritious pet food to better feed your animal companion. 

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Absolute Holistic delivers a pet food and treats range for cats and dogs that are based on the Paleo diet and your pet’s ancestral diet. Made with all-natural ingredients, Absolute Holistic’s Air-Dried and Grain-Free pet food variety are packed with optimal nutrition sourced from clean ingredients and perfectly balanced to provide plenty of protein in your pet’s diet (70% in Grain-Free and 93% in Air-Dried). Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Pet Food is made from raw food ingredients that are air-dried (removes moisture) to retain the most nutritional value in every ingredient. Grain-free and carefully formulated to provide your dog or cat with daily nutrients, Absolute Holistic’s natural and primal pet food range are highly palatable and digestible and contain an assortment of ingredients, from various animal proteins to vegetables and fruits, to nourish your pet.