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Get your dog back to their energetic self with the Rose-Hip Vital Joint Health & Wellbeing Supplement. Made from only premium plant-based ingredients, this natural joint health supplement for canines is clinically proven to support your pet’s joints for better mobility and reduced inflammation. Easy to mix in with your pet’s daily meals!

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Rich with antioxidants and packed with anti-inflammatory benefits, Rose-Hip Vital Joint Health & Wellbeing Dog Supplement is a plant-based, meat-free powder with the rose-hip fruit as the star. This fruit is packed with vitamin C, and vitamin C is a vital nutrient that’s essential for joint health. Supported by over 30 scientific papers and 8 clinical trials, this research-backed nutritional dog supplement helps reduce joint inflammation and symptoms of arthritis in dogs. It also protects and repairs cartilage and improves your pet’s physical performance.