Patiolink Pet Door Insert for Sliding Doors

Give your dog some independence with the Patio Link Pet Sliding Door Inserts! Patio Link is an Australian company that manufactures these innovative pet doors that can be added to your sliding glass door. Easy to install and doesn’t require any cutting through walls, these door inserts for dogs make it easy for your pet to go in and out as they please.

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Patio Link provides pet owners an easy and convenient way to install a pet door in their home without expensive remodelling. The Pet Door Insert situates on the fixed side of your sliding glass door and gives your dog a 24/7 entryway to the outdoors whenever they want so that you don’t have to always open the door for your pet. The insert locks in place for secure fitting and added safety and won’t do damage to your door. Great for renters that want to have a dog door in their home without damaging the property! The pet door insert is also removable, so you can take it wherever you go when you move. Expert installation available all over Australia if you need it.