Keep your pet’s bed warm with the Original Snugglesafe microwavable heating pad for cats and dogs. No cords or electricity required! Made from toxic-free material, this soothing pet heating pad is great to have on hand when your furry friend needs extra warmth or has minor arthritic pain that can be reduced with heat.

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The Snugglesafe is a non-electrical and non-toxic pet heating pad that’s microwave-safe and lasts up to 10 hours! Use this pet bed warmer to keep your cat or dog cosy while they sleep or add it to your pet’s bed to help relieve arthritic pain or regulate body temperature. Even puppies and kittens can benefit from Snugglesafe! Lightweight and travel-friendly, this 22cm round heating pad can be stored away easily without taking up too much space, and you can take it with you on trips with your pet.