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Turn your dog into an Einstein with Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toys! These treat-hiding hide-and-seek toys for dogs are state-of-the-art games dogs love. Each puzzle game has its own difficulty level or multiple difficulty levels to keep challenging your canine’s mind. Use your dog’s favourite treats or introduce them to new ones easily with Nina Ottosson toys.

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Combat boredom in a mind-stimulating way for your dog with the Nina Ottosson challenging puzzle dog games! These hide-and-seek treat brain games for dogs help enhance your dog’s cognitive skills and keep them busy and active without having to go outdoors. Each of these treat-hiding interactive dog toys feature hidden compartments to store a small amount of treats inside for your dog to find. Some compartments require more difficult mechanics, such as drawers or rotating lids, that your dog has to overcome. You can adjust most of these toys to increase the difficulty level for more challenging fun for your pet.

Nina Ottosson dog puzzles are developed for and have focus on challenging the dog’s brain, these games are not like a regular toy, and they are not indestructible and advise close supervision

Supervise your dog when using a game or puzzle of any kind. Inspect regularly for damage and remove and replace if broken, or if parts become separated, as serious injury may result. Intended for dogs only. Keep out of reach of children. Once emptied of treats or kibble, the puzzle should be stored until next supervised use. Do not let your dog chew on the game or pieces”.

It´s very important to supervise when the dog uses treat toys and puzzles, especially with puppies. It´s important to teach the dog how to use them (the playing rules), and to not let the dog bite or chew on the puzzle. As soon as this starts happening, you need to stop the play. Treat puzzles contain treats/food, and are therefore very exposed. If the dog does not understand how to access the treat pieces, the logic of the dog is to try in every way to get to the treats, this includes biting/chewing instead of “working” out the treats.