Never worry about opening the door for your cat or do early in the morning to let them outside when you have the Transcat Pet Door! These versatile doors for pets allow them access to the outdoors whenever they want so that you can give your furry friend more freedom.

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Transcat Pet Doors make going in and out of the house easier for your pet and makes it convenient for pet parents as well, especially if you’re not home to take your pet out to use the loo. The Clear Cat Door for sliding glass doors gives your cat an entryway to explore nature and go to the bathroom outdoors, which helps reduce litter box use! For a more versatile cat door, go for the Cat Door White that can be installed in glass or wooden doors - very handy when you move to different homes! Small dogs can also use these traditional flap pet doors, or you can go for the Large Cat and Dog Door for larger cats or medium-sized dogs. Transcat replacement parts and extras are also available here at Lucky Pet Supplies. Each pet door variation has a locking barrier to control which pet goes in and out.