Lucky Pet Supplies is the largest supplier of KONG dog and cat toys, and we help make it accessible to pet parents and their beloved pets to help enhance playtime! From treat-dispensing dog toys to tasty dog treats and pastes, KONG presents a vast selection of popular and entertaining pet items for puppies to senior dogs.

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KONG is one of the leading pet toy brands around, and it’s for good reason! KONG’s famous treat-dispensing dog toys like the KONG Classic and the KONG Wobbler that rolls and wobbles to randomly release treats and food for your dog to capture. You can hide KONG’s exclusive dog biscuit treats inside these treat dispensers! Durable rubber dog toys like the Squeezz Stick are also a popular staple in KONG’s collection, and you can find  tough dog toys for aggressive chewers.

To make outdoor activities more exciting and challenging for your pet, the KONG Wubba is a perfectly balanced tug toy with a bouncy ball on one end for never-ending fun. Of course, what’s outdoor bonding time with your canine without a bouncy and fast catch balls to toss around? KONG has plenty of ball toys for your pet to fetch!

For gentler playtime, plush dog toys such as the KONG Cozie are a must-have for cuddle time, and the Cozies also have minimal stuffing to reduce potential mess if torn. Dental chew toys (see Dental Stick) for dogs is another relaxing way to keep your dog occupied as well as help them independently clean their teeth to remove plaque and freshen breath; KONG’s treat pastes can be nestled inside the grooves of the Dental Stick, too.

KONG isn’t just for dogs - our feline friends can enjoy cat-friendly toys, too! The Cat Nibble Critters are irresistible and cute catnip-infused cat toys that are fun to kick, bat, and chase. If your kitty is often home alone and gets easily bored or anxious, the KONG Cat Sway 'n Play is a self-hanging batting bait toy for cats. To keep your cat active, indulge their kicking instincts with the Kickeroo Cuddler. KONG also carries natural dried catnip and catnip spray that can help improve playtime and even redirect your cat’s attention to better scratching spots (if you use the spray).