Oravet Dental Chews

Love your dog’s affection, but can’t stand their bad breath? Oravet is a vet-approved dental chew for dogs that helps improve your dog’s overall dental hygiene and reduces bad breath. These tasty and dissolvable chews make great teeth cleaning treats to include in your dog’s dental care routine.

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8 Items in Oravet Dental Chews

Oravet is a healthy dog chew treat that doubles as a teeth cleaner and protector. The secret ingredient in Oravet dental chews is delmopinol, which creates a barrier around your dog’s teeth to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Your dog’s chewing and the texture of the treat help break down existing plaque to cleanse away these impurities and reduce bad breath. Oravet chews make it easy for pets to clean their own teeth, so get this healthy dog treat that does more than satisfy your dog’s cravings!