Did you know that licking is a soothing method for your dog or cat to relax and destress? With LickiMat’s licking mats and slow-feeding food bowls, you can help ease your pet’s anxiety, keep them distracted while you’re busy, and simply entertain them! These innovative treat and food mats work great with small amounts of broth and treat pastes.

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LickiMat provides cats and dogs with a relaxing way to release their licking urges, which can be an indication of anxiety (e.g., separation anxiety in pets). Each LickiMat has a uniquely patterned texture that helps stimulate the tongue to satisfy your pet. The textures also make treats last longer so that your pet takes their time and enjoys their snack! Not only does LickiMat help with anxiety and stress, but it can also help eliminate bad breath and improve overall dental health since the textures on LickiMats clean the tongue.