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Whether your dog’s stuck at home alone or having fun outside, Aussie Dog’s interactive indoor and outdoor dog toys provide plenty of entertainment for independent or multi-pet play. From squeaky balls to challenging treat-dispensing dog toys, Aussie Dog supports all sorts of exciting activities to combat boredom for your dog.

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Aussie Dog offers toys to keep your dog busy that are designed with high-quality, tough materials for never-ending playtime. The interactive and puzzle dog toys that Aussie Dog make are backed by nearly 20 years of experience making toys for zoo animals such as lions, polar bears, and elephants! Cleverly designed to provide all-day entertainment, Aussie Dog tough toy balls, tug toys for dogs, and signature Home Alone Hanging Treat Dispenser Toy are fun additions to have in your pet’s playground. Treat your dog to new indoor and outdoor dog toys from Aussie Dog!