Get the versatile Aussie Dog Buddy Ball to give your pet endless playtime fun!

Now you can make your dog play and work for their favourite treats and make playtime even more exciting and challenging! The Buddy Ball is a versatile and lets you create a unique toy or an irresistible treat dispenser for your furry friend to indulge in. With two openings, you can “thread” a long, slim, and flexible toy (e.g., Spencer the Crinkle Monkey or the Zippy Paws Z-Stitch Snake) through the holes and make a tugging toy that two dogs can play with. Stuff your dog’s favourite treats inside, too, and let them roll and play with the ball to get the treats out. This ball even has a natural built-in chicken flavour that dogs love and will help entice your pet to play with their new toy!


  • Versatile and fun ball for dogs 
  • Features 2 openings that you can use for toys and treats
  • Bouncy ball that rolls as well to provide more entertainment for pets
  • High-quality, durable ball for long-lasting play
  • Great to use to mentally stimulate your pet 
  • Built-in chicken flavour that entices dogs to play

Sizes Available:
Small (for dogs 5kg and under)
Medium (for dogs 5kg-20kg)
Large (for dogs 20kg and over)

Get your canine the Buddy Ball for plenty of challenging and delightful playtime all day long!


Brand Aussie Dog
SKU 72397
Pet Dog
Category Toy
Toy Type Treat Dispenser

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