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Feed your dog a holistic healthy diet with Australian-based Balanced Life air-dried dog food and pet treats and chews. Balanced Life offers a selection of single-ingredient air-dried treats like kangaroo meat and jerky as well as a superfood blend of air-dried animal protein, fruits, and vegetables for wholesome meals for your canine.

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Wholesome and holistic, Balanced Life air-dried dog food and 1-ingredient pet treats are made from Australian-sourced raw food that have been gently air-dried to retain nutrients and natural taste. Balanced Life Rehydrate Food is an air-dried dog food blend with 80% single protein like kangaroo or chicken and 20% fruits and vegetables for complete nutritional balance. All you need to do is add water! The Enhanced line of dog food features a mix of traditional grain-free dog kibble and air-dried meat pieces to give your pet the best of both worlds. Air-dried dog and cat treats are offered as well to supplement your pet’s diet and make healthier, more natural pet training treat options. All-natural grain-free dried chews such as lamb ears, kangaroo sausage stick, and tails are also excellent choices for treats and long-lasting chews for dogs.