Give your best friend all-natural and healthy dog treats from SavourLife. Made from minimal ingredients, this Australian-born and family-owned dog food line presents gently dried treats like shark cartilage and chicken & liver strips for dogs that are rich in nutrients and protein. Everyday treats and chews and training dog treats from SavourLife are sold here at Lucky Pet!

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SavourLife delivers wholesome and grain-free dog treats that are meant to nourish and boost your pet’s nutrition rather than add junk to their diet. No artificial flavours/colours and fillers are ever used in these clean dog treat recipes! If you’re looking for all-natural dog training treats, try the Chicken or Kangaroo varieties for tasty, guilt-free delights you can use to reward your dog during training sessions. Chewy dog treats like the SavourLife Duck Strips and Milky Strips (Chicken & Milk) are great to use to keep your dog occupied and happy, but still give your pet an extra dose of nutrition. You can also find single-ingredient dehydrated dog chews that are sustainably sourced. The Australian Shark Cartilage Strips contain a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs that help improve joint health and make irresistible long-lasting chews for your pet to enjoy. SavourLife donates 50% of all profits to pet rescue organisations.