Always have fresh, clean water for your pet with Drinkwell pet fountains. These innovative, automatic cat and dog water fountains can hold at least 2 litres of water, so you can reduce the amount of time you need to refill. Great for multiple pet homes as well as large pet breeds! Replacement filters/parts and cleaners for Drinkwell fountains are available here at Lucky Pet Supplies.

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Drinkwell pet fountains for cats and dogs provide an endlessly flowing stream of refreshing and purified water for your pets. These cleverly designed automatically refilling water bowls are one of the best pet water fountains available on the market. From stainless steel to ceramic cat and dog water fountains, Drinkwell carries various styles to suit your taste. Each electric pet fountain comes with a replaceable filter. Lucky Pet Supplies also has replacement filters, fountain cleaners, and other accessories to maintain your pet’s Drinkwell water fountain.