Is your dog dealing with separation anxiety or other anxiety-inducing causes (e.g., loud noises, strangers, vet visits, new environment)? Adaptil helps ease your dog’s nerves with innovative and pet-safe anti-anxiety solutions like calming pheromone sprays and home diffusers, which are great alternatives or supplements to calming pet treats.

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Adaptil is famous for its Calm Home Diffuser, a clinically proven and veterinarian-approved calming solution for dogs. Adaptil’s plug-in calming diffuser is your answer to how you can calm an anxious dog at home. Formulated with the synthetic version of the appeasing pheromone found in puppies and dogs, the diffuser helps comfort your pet in their environment to prevent anxiety and can permeate an area up to 700 sq. ft. The diffuser can last up to 6 months and diffuser refills are available for purchase. Other pet calming solutions that Adaptil also offers include the calming pheromone dog collar and calming travel spray as well as a puppy-only pheromone collar for calming anxiety and for better and easier puppy training.