Adaptil Junior is the effective solution to comfort newly adopted puppies and facilitate their education.

The Adaptil Junior Adjustable Collar for puppies is helps reduce night crying, separation anxiety, training and socialisation. Adaptil Junior contains a synthetic copy of the 'dog appeasing pheromone' which a mother naturally releases to calm and reassure her litter.

It is completely scentless and species specific, so will not have any effect on humans or other pets.

Adaptil comforts puppies in new or stressful environments, and helps them to cope more easily with visitors and strangers, as well as new family members and situations. The Adaptil Collar is easy to use. The dog’s body temperature warms the collar and encourages the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment. It is vital the Adaptil Collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin at all times.


  • Scientifically proven and backed by studies to support all claims
  • Trusted - used by vets, trainers and behaviour veterinarians
  • Provides four weeks of constant support
  • Helps puppies settle into a new environment or home
  • Reduces night crying and separation anxiety
  • Helps with socialisation in group envirnments
  • Useful when there are changes to the family such as a new family member or pet or house moves

One colour: Blue

One size: Simply adjust and cut to the size you need.

Instructions: Fit snugly around dog's neck allowing space for two fingers between collar and neck. Replace every month. Leave the collar on your puppy continuously (except during washes).

Each collar lasts 4 weeks and can be replaced as required.

Active Ingredient: 50g/kg Synthetic Analogue of the Canine Appeasing Pheromone

An Adaptil collar will help relieve stress for everyone. Get yours now!


Brand Adaptil
SKU C66490M
Barcode # 9322387003711
Pet Dog
Category Anxiety Treatment
Condition Stress & Anxiety
Life Stage Puppy

How does an Adaptil Collar work?

When the Adaptil Collar is in contact with the dog’s skin, the dog’s body temperature warms the collar and encourages the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment. As a result, it is vital the Adaptil Collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin at all times.

Can I shampoo my dog while wearing the collar?

It is advisable to remove the collar before shampooing or giving a bath to your dog. Do not worry if the collar gets wet during a walk. This will not affect the efficiency. However, the collar will not work whilst wet.

Can I use the Adaptil Collar together with other collars or bandanas?

Whilst other collars may not impair the effectiveness of the Adaptil Collar, it is important to ensure that the collar remains in close contact with the skin and is not covered by the other collar or bandana. If the Adaptil Collar is covered or if the collar is not in continuous contact with the dog’s skin, the release of the pheromone may be compromised and the positive influence on your dog reduced.

Can I use the collar intermittently when needed?

It is advised to leave the collar around the dog’s neck at all times for one month once opened. Your dog will benefit by constantly being exposed to the pheromones. If you remove the collar, the pheromones will still be released at a lower rate (even when kept at a low temperature i.e. in the refrigerator) and the efficiency of the collar may be affected. There are other formulations of Adaptil, e.g. the Adaptil Spray, which are more suitable for intermittent use.

For how long should Adaptil be used?

It depends on the nature of the problem for which you are using Adaptil. 

For puppy adaptation, you should expect a smooth settlement in your home as well as positive experiences for the duration of the socialisation period. 

For other uses, it may take some time before you see an improvement, depending on the nature and severity of the problem. Some dogs may have more ingrained behavioural problems than others and may need a long term therapy programme. 

However, if your dog is undergoing behavioural therapy, your veterinary surgeon or behaviour counsellor may adapt the duration of use to your dog’s specific case.

How long will it take for Adaptil to have an effect on my dog?

For the Adaptil Collar, as soon as the collar is fitted the pheromones will begin to be released and to exert an effect on your dog. 

The Adaptil Diffuser will be fully functioning within 24 hours of plugging in. 

For either product, the effect on the dog will depend on the nature and extent of the problem for which Adaptil is used. It is advised to continue using Adaptil for at least one month before assessing its effectiveness.

How long will the collar be effective?

The collar will be effective for up to 4 weeks. After this time, and according to your veterinary surgeons recommendation, you may need to renew the collar.

How to use an Adaptil collar?

  • Pass the end through the loop and pass the loop over the head

  • Fasten the collar around the dog's neck and adjust to fit snugly with the Adaptil logo and braille text on the outside. The inside of the collar has vertical grooves which the buckle will slip into.

  • Cut off the excess portion of the collar

  • Leave the collar around the dog's neck at all times. Check to make sure it remains snug.

  • The effect of the collar lasts for up to 4 weeks

Is Adaptil safe to use if you are pregnant?

Yes, Adaptil is safe to use if you are pregnant.

Is Adaptil the same product as DAP?

Yes, DAP was renamed to Adaptil in 2011 to better reflect how the product works, i.e. it helps dogs adapt to new and unknown situations.

Is the Adaptil collar as effective in adult dogs as it is in puppies?

Research has clearly shown that the reassuring properties of the canine appeasing pheromones persist into adulthood so it can be used as well in adult dogs as in puppies. However, prevention of problems is usually better and easier than cure.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are extremely widespread in the animal kingdom and are used to communicate between members of the same species. The pheromones emitted by one individual can affect and change the behaviour of other individuals of the same species. Examples of pheromones with which pet owners will already be familiar are the sex pheromones of dogs and cats. In addition to making the bitch or queen more attractive to the male when they are in season, they can also influence territorial marking, aggression, etc...

What happens if my dog eats the collar?

The Adaptil Collar is made of plastic and will act as a foreign body in your dog’s digestive system. Please consult your vet if the dog has eaten a portion of the collar. There are, however, no toxic substances in the collar.

What pheromone is in Adaptil and is this safe to humans and other pets?

The pheromone in Adaptil is identical in nature to canine appeasing pheromone secreted by bitches from 3-5 days after the puppy’s birth. As pheromones are species-specific, canine pheromones will have no effect on humans or other pets.

What type of behaviour problems will not be helped by Adaptil?

If the behaviour is unrelated to stress e.g. over-excitement, aggression, lack of toilet training, hyperactivity or boredom, Adaptil will have no effect.

Will Adaptil have any effect on other pets?

Pheromones are species specific and no effect on other pets is to be expected.

Will other dogs in the house be affected by an Adaptil Collar worn on one dog?

No, the pheromone is diffused in the immediate vicinity of the dog wearing the Adaptil Collar. However, it is recommended that all dogs in the household wear an Adaptil Collar, as the dogs without behaviour problems may become too interested in the dog that needs the collar.

Alternatively, an Adaptil Diffuser may be used in multi-dog households.

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