Pet Dreamhouse Bowls/Trays and Lick Pads for Pet

Transform the way your dog enjoys their treats and meals with Pet Dreamhouse slow feeders and licking mats! If your pet likes to “woof” down their food or you want a more exciting and engaging way to feed your furry friend, try out the interactive slow feeder bowls/trays and lick pads.

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Pet Dreamhouse Interactive Feeding System provides your dog with a better way to eat that’s not only beneficial to their physical health, but their mental and emotional health as well. Pet Dreamhouse presents a collection of cleverly designed slow feeders - both in bowl and tray forms - that help improve your dog’s eating speed and overall eating habits. Eating too fast can cause your dog to bloat or even vomit, but with Pet Dreamhouse’s PAW and SPIN products, you can help prevent these post-meal tragedies. For non-interactive, yet entertaining and stimulating, feeding, go for the PAW Slow Feeder Plate, which features multiple compartments and pockets to portion out food and help your dog pace themselves as they feast on their favourite meals. The SPIN Feeders are more interactive and provide that hide-and-seek entertainment dogs love. To help your dog relax and feel less anxious, Pet Dreamhouse PAW Lick Pads are a must-have for every pet parent’s arsenal for treat time. The Lick Pads are great to use to relieve your dog’s nerves since the grooves and ridges activate their calming hormone and help keep them at ease and entertained.