Elevate your dog’s treat times with the SPIN Interactive Feeder Lick Frisbee!

Great to have for outdoor fun and treat time for your dog, the SPIN Interactive Feeder Lick Frisbee is a multi-sensory, multi-functional flying disc dog toy that doubles as a licking mat and slow feeding plate for your pet! The various textures and reversible sides allow you to switch up the fun for your pet and provide relaxing entertainment for your pet. Add pet treat pastes, homemade treats, kibble or other goodies for your dog to eat and enjoy. You can also use this Frisbee with the SPIN Interactive Slow Feeder Bowl (sold separately here at Lucky Pet!) for a variety of fun for your dog.


  • Multi-functional and interactive flying disc pet toy, licking mat, and slow feeder for dogs
  • Reversible sides with different designs and textures to keep your dog on their paws
  • Compatible with the SPIN Interactive Slow Feeder Bowl (sold separately)
  • Provides pets with an entertaining way to enjoy treats and food
  • Non-irritating textured surface that dogs love to lick
  • Constant licking helps dogs relax and reduce anxiety
  • Lightweight, durable material that is safe for pets
  • Best for treats and portioning meals throughout the day


Size: Approx. 25cm x 3cm

Colours Available:



Help your dog enjoy their treats in a fun way with the SPIN Interactive Feeder Lick Frisbee!


Brand Pet DreamHouse
SKU PDH-Frisbee
Pet Dog
Category Toy
Features Slow Bowl
Toy Type Frisbee

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