Monkee Tree: Cat Tree Ladder

Give your cat their own jungle gym with the Monkee Tree Cat Ladder! A great alternative to a scratching post or cat tower, this ladder encourages your cat to climb and explore while adding more exercise in their day. The Monkee Tree can be extended with extra parts and smaller kits.

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Great to have in multi-cat homes or even at cat hotels or cafes, the Monkee Tree Cat Ladder is  a tall cat tree that is completely customisable and features simple steps for your cat to climb. The original Monkee Tree kit comes with 18 levels, and you can add to these levels to make the cat climbing tree taller (separate kits for this option). Another way to use this cat ladder is to transform them into pet stairs to help cats get to higher places easier, especially if they’re elderly and need more mobility assistance. If you want to turn the Monkee Tree into a scratching post as well, add the Wrap-Around Scratch Patch Accessory to give your cat a 2-in-1 cat playground!