Let your pet play with their food with the Northmate Slow-Feeding Interactive Food Bowls! Uniquely designed with raised and rounded spikes of various heights, these slow eating pet bowls distribute food through the “cracks” and make eating more enjoyable. Available for cats and dogs to use.

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Northmate’s signature slow-feeding pet food bowls feature raised and rounded spikes that force your cat or dog to eat around them and eat much slower. If your dog has gulping problems or vomits after eating or your cat overeats and eats too fast where bloating and discomfort occurs, these interactive slow-eating bowls help improve your pet’s bad eating habits. Simply scatter a portioned amount of dry pet food in between the spikes and let your pet go at it! These bowls are easy to use and make a major difference in your pet’s eating behaviour. You can also use these bowls as a fun way to serve treats, treat pastes, or refreshing chilled pet bone broth to help fight boredom. Northmate’s slow feeders can be used indoors or outdoors and are dishwasher safe.