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Improve your cat’s life experiences with SmartCat’s quality cat products! From scratching posts to cat water fountains, discover the assortment of modern and advanced cat care and lifestyle additions you can bring in your home to keep your feline friend happy.

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22 Items in Smartcat High Quality Cat Litter

For proud cat parents that love their kitties, SmartCat delivers high-quality and innovative cat products to make your cat’s environment more fulfilling. If you want to give your cat their very own play area, scratching cat towers like the Heavy-Duty Sisal Cat Scratch Post or the SmartCat Multi-Level Over-the-door Cat Climber Scratch Tower give your kitty a designated area to unleash their claws and scratch as much as they want (without damaging your furniture or carpets!). Or keep your cat entertained with SmartCat’s puzzle games for cats such as the Peek-and-Prize Large Toy Box Interactive Wooden Cat Toy, which is a hide-and-seek cat game with mice you can hide for your cat to “hunt and chase.”

For simple and affordable cat litter boxes, go for The Ultimate Cat Litter Box or the Corner Litter Box that have space-saving designs for small spaces. SmartCat also offers a range of cat litter scoops for easy cleaning. Interactive slow-feeding cat food bowls and water bowls that help eliminate whisker stress are also available in SmartCat’s line of cat care products.