Cats love to climb - they climb fences, and even curtains. The higher the better! Give your cat something you prefer instead.

Smartcat is the leader in cat furniture, and now they have created a climber that you can connect around your home. High climbing furniture gives your kitty a feeling of security and mastery over their environment and is a perfect cat companion.

Cats have a natural knack for climbing heights. Pioneer Pet Products Sky Climber fulfills your cat's intrinsic needs to climb, jumo or just hang out in its own space.

The SmartCat Sky Climber can be attached to your wall, to allow your cat to reach new heights and look down on the world. All cats love high places, or vertical territory, and now you can provide your feline friend with a fabulous elevated platform that promotes healthy jumping and stretching. It also features a sisal scratching post to encourage your feline friend to scratch and claw away at, and, hopefully, leave your furniture alone!

Thr Smartcat Sky Climber is a perch that mounts easily to your wall with a heavy duty metal bracket.

 - Durable wall-mounted platform
 - Natural sisal inspires scratching
 - Securely attached to walls
 - Attaches quickly & securely at any level that suits your cat’s leaping ability

Size: Perch measures 40cm (height) x 21cm (width)

Load capacity: Approx. 13kg 

Easily mounted on a wall, Smart Cat's Wall Climber attaches quickly and securely at any level that suits your cat’s leaping ability. You can buy several and position them so that the cat is climbing around the room, or climbing to a destination such as a cat ledge for relaxing up high.

What is better than a SmartCat Sky Climber? Two or three or even four sky climbers, placed strategically so your cat gets to pounce EVERYWHERE!


Brand SmartCat
SKU 3817
Barcode # 854602000179
Pet Cat
Category Cat Furniture
Toy Type Scratcher

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