Slodog Slow Feeder Plate

Help your dog improve their eating habits with the SloDog Slow Feeder! These dog slow-eating food plates help prevent gulping as well as common stomach discomfort caused by overeating such as acid reflux and bloating. The SloDog features unique designs that help portion out your dog’s meals for better food management.

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SloDog presents a line of slow-feeding food bowls and plates for dogs that have miniature pockets to store a small amount of food to encourage your pet to eat slowly. If your dog tends to overeat or eat too fast, this can lead to discomfort and digestion difficulty later on, so this slow-feeding plate for dogs is great to add to your pet care routine. It can also help manage your dog’s food portions for easier weight management to prevent pet obesity. You can even use SloDog as a licking aid for your pet and a fun treat game by using your dog’s favourite treats or treat pastes inside the pockets. The various textures provide more tongue stimulation to help relax your dog and can reduce anxiety as well.