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Experience the difference of all-natural cat litters from Kit Cat! From soy-based litter to wood pellets, you can find a variety of eco-friendly litter options to make your cat’s bathroom breaks more green and clean. Kit Cat also offers classic litter made from popular ingredients such as bentonite clay. Available in different scents like cherry blossom or unscented options.

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Switch up your cat litter to Kit Cat’s all-natural and biodegradable cat litter that’s good for the Earth and for your feline friends! Each of these clumping litter are made with different types of human-grade ingredients, such as charcoal in Kit Cat Litter Charcoal Crystal and bamboo fibres in Kit Cat Bamboo Cat Litter, and have 3 times the clumping speed and efficiency compared to other cat litter brands and traditional cat litter. For flushable litter, the Bamboo variation flushes down the toilet easily without clogging. Kit Cat Litter helps reduce tracking, have minimal dust to no dust, and offer effective odour control to seal in smells.