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Choose wholesome and holistic dry dog food for your pooch with Meals for Mutts. This Australian-made allergen-free dog food helps canines look and feel healthier and revitalises their energy for optimal health and well-being. Meals for Mutts also provides dry cat food formulas.

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Grain-free and gluten-free, Meals for Mutts (MfM) holistic and natural dry dog food formulas are packed with carefully selected ingredients to ensure your dog gets the best of the best from nature. MfM has various types of dog food to accommodate your canine’s specific dietary needs. If your dog is allergic to certain animal proteins or you want to control the protein they eat, choose single protein dry dog food like Meals for Mutts Single Ingredient Grain Free Dry Dog Food - Kangaroo for a hypoallergenic option. Meals for Mutts also creates meal toppers such as the Natural Green Tripe Powder to enhance nutrition in your dog’s meals. Let your canine indulge in dehydrated 1-ingredient treats like kangaroo discs. Meals for Mutts carries dry cat food as well to help improve your cat’s diet.