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Developed by the same pet nutritionist for Meals for Mutts, Australia-based Lifewise is a holistic dry dog and cat food provider that helps support your pet’s health and well-being with all-natural ingredients and well-balanced meals. Lifewise produces single animal protein dry dog food as well as dry pet food that’s made with a blend of proteins (e.g., kangaroo and lamb) and fruits & vegetables. 

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Lifewise focuses on wholesome nutrition by formulating biologically appropriate dry pet and puppy food backed by decades of research by pet nutrition experts. Made without allergens and common food sensitivities like gluten, corn, soy, wheat, dairy or sugar, this holistic Australian pet food brand ensures highly digestible formulas for maximum nutrition absorption and improved gut health. LifeWise offers single animal protein food that only contains one type of animal meat or a mix of meats for more nutritional value. You can also find weight loss dog food in the LifeWise selection like the Tone & Trim Lamb to help improve your dog’s health and weight management.