Help prevent and treat gastrointestinal worms in dogs and cats of all ages and sizes with AristoPet dewormer tablets and syrups. AristoPet also provides various pet supplements, such as joint health tablets, catnip sprays, garden and furniture pet repellent sprays, and other pet care essentials.

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Intestinal worms in dogs and cats are common, especially during the younger stages. AristoPet’s All-Wormer and Multi-Worm treatment tablets and syrups help relieve your pet from these parasites. These dewormers destroy and control most or all worms found in the intestines, including roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and hydatid tapeworms. Effective and fast-acting, AristoPet’s dewormer products can protect your dog or cat from worms for up to 3 months (6 weeks for hydatid tapeworms), so it’s a long-lasting solution to help keep your pet healthy. Besides worm treatment for pets, AristoPet also offers pet health supplements, catnip spray, no-scratch spray, laxative paste for cats, and non-toxic dog and cat repellent spray and granules for home & garden and plants.