Find a variety of goodies for kittens and adult cats with Catit’s collection! From the popular Flower Water Fountain to electronic cat toys, Catit presents a wide range of cat essentials and entertainment to keep your feline happy.

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35 Items in Catit

Catit is a cat product brand that offers an assortment of handy at-home cat items and toys. To keep your cat hydrated all day long, Catit’s whisker-stress-free Flower Water Fountain and other pet fountains give your feline friend a continuous stream of clean, filtered water that you don’t have to constantly refill. Water fountain replacement filters are also available to keep pure water ready for your cat. You can also find smart and innovative cat food bowls for slow-feeding or to better control portions.

Catit’s interactive cat toys, both manual and electronic/automatic, include treat-hiding cat puzzle games, food mazes, and rolling ball circuits to fight boredom for your cat and keep their mind active. Some of these entertainment stations for cats can be attached together to create an entire playground! For more relaxed play, cardboard cat scratchers and scratcher lounges are excellent at-home cat toys to satisfy your pet’s scratching urges (and keep their claws away from furniture or carpet). Want to give your cat a special treat? Catit’s Cat Grass Growing Kit is another great way to occupy your pet’s time. Cat grass is safe for cats and helps keep your pet away from house plants.

If you’re looking to upgrade your cat’s litter box, check out Catit’s Hooded Cat Litter Pan and Smartsift Semi-Automatic Cat Litter! The covered cat litter pan features a traditional litter box with a swinging door and cover to seal in odours and give your cat a more private area to do their business. It also has a bag anchor to free both hands to scoop out waste. The Smartsift is an almost self-cleaning cat litter box that removes clumps with a simple mechanism that requires you to pull down a lever. Both litter boxes help reduce tracking.  

For your cat care needs, check out what Catit has to offer and make it a part of your pet’s day!