Introducing a new fountain to the Catit 2.0 family that is compact, simple and a fun drinking solution for your cat.

Catit has revolutionised the simple pet fountain by introducing a fountain with different flow settings - genle flow, bubbling top, and calm stream.

The Flower Fountain uses running water to encourage your pet to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat's health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.

The Catit Flower Fountain includes a dual-action water softening filter (refill sets available separately). The filter continuously purifies and softens hard tap water, while also retaining stray hairs, sediment and debris.


  • 3 water flow settings for picky drinkers
  • Fountains stimulate drinking
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Easily accessible for kitten and small cats
  • 1.5 litre water reservoir
  • Designed to take up little floor space (18cm diameter)
  • Whisker stress-free surface at comfortable height for adults and kittens
  • Low powered and long lasting electric pump (3.5W)
  • Multi-filter included
  • Easy to dissassemble clean
  • Modern look matches other Catit 2.0 products

Dimensions: 8.5cm (height; 18cm (width)

Q & A
How can I get my cat to drink? I've tried all 3 settings
A: If your cat refuses to drink, or even go near the Flower Fountain, try squatting beside it and dipping your fingers in the water. Show your cat what the product does and that there is nothing to fear. Have patience, as it may take a few days for them to get accustomed to it.

Q: Can I clean the pump?
A: Should the pump appear dirty, you can easily open it up for a quick cleaning session. The Flower Fountain includes a handy manual with illustrated explanations of its parts and appropriate maintenance.

Q: When do I need to replace the filter?
A: The filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks, or when there are visible signs that the filter is saturated with foreign matter (debris, food, hair, etc). More frequent changes may be necessary due to indoor environmental and water conditions, as well as multiple pet use.

Q: How often should I replace the water inside?
A: The Flower Fountain keeps water fresh and clear for longer by continuous multi-filtration. Check the reservoir every few days to judge whether or not the water needs replacing.

Combine the Flower Fountain with the Catit Multi Feeder for a complete dining experience!


Brand Catit
Barcode # 22517437353
Pet Cat
Category Fountains

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