Keep your dog safe from heartworm disease with Heartgard Plus chewables. This vet-approved dewormer treatment for dogs comes in a beef-flavoured chew that’s easy for your pet to eat like a dog treat, yet packs a worm-killing punch! Heartgard is available for all dog sizes (different dosages depending on weight) and is a once-a-month treatment.

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Prevent heartworm disease and treat gastrointestinal worms like roundworm and hookworm with Heartgard Plus for dogs. This oral treatment comes in real beef chews that you can give your dog directly or camouflage in their food. Heartgard is the #1 vet-recommended dewormer for dogs and helps prevent heartworms from infecting your dog as well as control worms in your dog’s gut, which can also cause infectious diseases. Make Heartgard your go-to heartworm treatment and prevention for dogs.