Oh Bowl Slow Feeder Pet Food Bowls

Keep your dog or cat relaxed while they eat with the OHBowl™ iconic tongue-cleaning slow feeder pet food bowls! These innovative bowls feature a textured bone cut-out on the bottom of the bowl that has soft rubber nubs that gently massage and clean your pet’s tongue. Dishwasher safe and can be used for cats and dogs!

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Does your dog or cat lick their paws constantly when they’re anxious? The OHBowl™ is a great slow-feeding pet food bowl that can help relax your pet and force them to eat slower. The bottom of the food bowl features a bone with a soft rubber textured surface that gently stimulates the tongue. You can also use the OHBowl™ to improve your pet’s dental hygiene since the frequent licking cleans the tongue, which can help eliminate bad breath.