Find Revolution and Revolution PLUS flea and tick treatment and worm control for cats and dogs here at Lucky Pet. Revolution offers topical treatments for common parasites in pets in different dosages to accommodate your dog’s or cat’s weight. Treatment for puppies and kittens is also available. Some Revolution packs come with bonus packs as well! This is a once-a-month flea, worm and/or tick medicine.

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Revolution is one of the leading 5-in-1 flea and worm topical treatments available on the market. Revolution PLUS for cats is the newest addition to the Revolution family, which helps treat 6 instead of 5 parasites (fleas, worms, and ticks). Revolution Flea Control is specifically used to kill fleas (eggs and all) and ear mites as well as treat sarcoptic mange and prevent heartworm disease. It can also help relieve flea allergy dermatitis for pets. Revolution Flea & Worm Control for cats and dogs treats and manages intestinal worms and kills fleas once and for all. This version also prevents heartworm disease.