Art of Whole Foods Bone Broth for Pets

Supplement your pet’s meals with The Art of Whole Foods Bone Broth for cats and dogs. Hydrating and nutritious, bone broth is liquid gold for animal companions and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Use this Australian-sourced grain-free beef or chicken bone broth for dogs and cats to rehydrate freeze-dried pet food or as a meal topper for an extra dose of nutrition.

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The Art of Whole Foods presents a selection of pet’s bone broth made from Australian-sourced whole food ingredients (a mix of animal protein like beef and vegetables) to give your pet’s food a boost of nutrition and give them more hydration during the day. Bone broth benefits the body and helps immensely with joint health, digestive health, immune system, skin health, and fur coat appearance. For example, bone broth contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are nutrients that support joint health and help keep the joints flexible and strong. You can use the chicken or bone broth as a supplement to your pet’s meals or can be used as icy treats when frozen. Versatile and all-natural, pet bone broth from The Art of Whole Foods brings more to your pet’s health.