If your kitty is like ours, she'll eat just about every second of the day.

So why not lengthen the eating process to 10, 15 or even 20 minutes and give her some action to concentrate on when you leave the house.

Unlike a regular bowl that allows far-too-easy access to food, the ceramic Tiger Bowl feature a series of holes just big enough for cats to paw through and pick out their kibble. This privides eating at a healthier speed as well as mental and physical stimulation.

The number one problem with most food dishes is that they allow cats to eat too much. The Tiger Diner fixes all that with a design that challenges cats to fetch out their own food. They will eat only as much as they need, so there's less waste and less overeating. The Tiger Diner also helps aid in digestion and stop stomach upsets due to eating too fast.


  • Cats eat less - avoid obesity and trips to the vet
  • Slows down eating (and stops icky regurgitation)
  • The funnel-shaped top is easy to load and automatically distributes food as needed
  • Cats get mental & physical stimulation
  • Stops binge eating - Slows down eating while eating at a healthier speed
  • Ceramic is hygienic and easy to clean
  • Easy setup and cleanup – dishwasher safe

Introducing such a radical change in feeding may hold some risks, but even our newe kitty, Eddie, took to her Tiger Diner in a flash!


Brand SmartCat
SKU tiger-ceramic
Pet Cat
Category Bowl
Features Slow Bowl
Material Ceramic

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