Shallow & Elevated, SmartCat's soft food dishes are easy on the eyes and easy on the whiskers!

Cats prefer to eat from dishes that are raised, keeping their whiskers free from contact with the sides of their bowl.The stable tripod design is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!


  • Easy to clean - diswasher safe
  • Keeps whiskers free from annoying bowl contact
  • Elevated dish is easy to eat from
  • Shallow dish prevents cat from burying its face in his food
  • Less of his food is pushed over the side of the dish
  • Use with wet or dry food

Two sizes available:
Small: 84ml - 8.5cm diameter
Large: 140ml - 12cm diameter

Available in blue, transparent or white with blue flecks


Brand SmartCat
SKU 38773
Pet Cat
Category Bowl
Material Plastic

Ratings & Reviews

LuckyPet Customer

22 October 2020

I’d been looking for a dish for my cat that wouldn’t annoy her whiskers while eating. This one works well and is slightly raised. It’s a good size and easy to clean. There is a dip where the food sits, to avoid it spilling over the edge. I find it it successful, with only a little bit of food escaping the dish.


23 August 2020

This is a nice bowl but honestly it is tiny... Suitable for kittens perhaps but will not fit one whiskers sachet of food. Otherwise it is a great dish

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