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For a natural cat litter alternative, Catmate is a hypoallergenic cat litter option made from eco-friendly wood pellets. This cat litter can last 2x longer than paper pellet cat litter and is highly absorbent to reduce ammonia smells. It also won’t stick to your cat’s feet as they leave their litter box. Catmate is an Australian brand.

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For a safe, dust-free, and non-tracking cat litter, Catmate’s wood pellet cat litter is a great option for cats and pet parents that want a more environmentally friendly cat litter. Made from biodegradable and compostable recycled wood material, this non-clumping cat litter has natural oils that help eliminate strong ammonia odours and bacteria growth. It’s also highly absorbent and quickly seals in liquids to prevent leaks. Catmate’s Cat Litter is made in Australia.