Automate letting your pet outdoors with the Electronic SmartDoor!

Give your pet more freedom and make caring for your pet more convenient with this innovative pet door! The SmartDoor automatically allows your pet inside or outside and locks when not in use, so you don’t have to manually set it on lock like other pet doors. Your furry friend won’t have to rely on you or wake you up early in the morning to go outside for a bathroom break!

The door opens automatically in correspondence with the SmartKey Collar. Your pet wears the collar, and, every time they near the pet door, the flap will open for them. Only pets that are wearing the collar will have the power to unlock the flap, so no other animals or pets can come inside any room or your home. For example, if you want to make sure your dog doesn’t come inside a room where your cat is to avoid conflict, then you can set up the SmartDoor and waterproof SmartKey Collar so that only your cat can enter the room. You can program up to 5 SmartKey Collars, and you can choose automatic, locked or unlocked settings.

Easy to install, the SmartDoor comes with all the supplies and instructions you need to quickly assemble your new pet door. The door requires 4 D Cell batteries and the batteries will last up to a year, making maintenance minimal. A low-battery indicator will let you know when to change the batteries.


  • Innovative and high-tech pet door that provides safety and convenience
  • Requires NO electrical outlet and is easy to install – comes with installation template and directions
  • Opens only when your pet is wearing the waterproof SmartKey Collar
  • Can program up to 5 SmartKey Collars – great for multiple pets
  • 3 modes to choose from = automatic, locked or unlocked settings
  • Door automatically locks when not in use for security
  • Completely battery powered and needs 4 D Cell batteries – lasts up to a year
  • Alerts you when battery is low
  • Key Collar acts like a wireless key to open the pet door just for your pet – no other animals will come inside your home!
  • Keeps your pets inside or allows them to freedom to go outside as they wish without relying on you to open the door for them
  • Can be used to prevent some pets inside different rooms (e.g., litter box room for cats only)
  • Includes all the supplies you to need to install

Batteries: Requires 4 D Cell batteries (sold separately)

Size: Large
Pet Size:
Up to 45kg
Frame Dimensions: 41cm x 60cm
Flap Opening: 27cm x 40cm
Cut Out Size: 39cm x 59cm

System Includes:

  • Door frame with 1 flap
  • 1 waterproof SmartKey Collar Key with battery
  • Key ring
  • Mounting screws
  • Cutting template
  • Operating Guide

Please note: This door is not intended for use in glass.

Make life easier for you and your animal companion with the SmartDoor!


Brand PetSafe
SKU PPA11-10709
Barcode # 729849107090
Pet Dog
Category Doors
Features Electromagnetic

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