Don't wait for your dog to snap before you treat anxiety - get to it before you see the signs, that include aggression, cowering, urine marking, excessive barking and digging.

Adaptil (formerly called DAP) helps control and avoid Canine anxiety caused by:
~ Moving house
~ Introducing new pets or family members to the home
~ Multi-pet households
~ Training and socialisation
~ Fireworks, Thunderstorms and Parties
~ Separation anxiety
~ Kiddie-style handling and play
~ Surgery and visits to the vet

How does Adaptil Pheromone Diffuser work?

The pheromone in ADAPTIL is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone. It has a comforting and reassuring role in both puppies and adult dogs. Just plug the diffuser into a power point in the room most used by the dog during the day and don't turn it off at night. One diffuser lasts for approximately four weeks and covers an area of 50 - 70 square meters

Advantages of Pheromone Use on dog Behaviour:
~ Ease of use - plug the diffuser in and turn on the power point. Ten seconds of work for one month of therapy;
~ No side effects - it's safe for YOU and YOUR PETS;
~ Scientifically proven to be effective for behaviours relating to anxiety, fears, and establishing pets into new territories.

This Adaptil Diffuser kit includes:

Ceva Adaptil Diffuser
One 48ml bottle of Adaptil

New neighbourhood pets or children!


Brand Adaptil
SKU 1905375
Barcode # 3411112993239
Pet Dog
Category Anxiety Treatment
Application Type Diffuser
Condition Stress & Anxiety


What is pheromonatherapy?
Pheromonatherapy is a new way to manage behaviour problems in animals. It is an innovative and natural solution to stress related problems in cats and dogs.

What are pheromones?
Pheromones are 'chemical signals' used to communicate between members of the same species. As a result pheromones emitted by one individual can affect and change the behaviour of other individuals of the same species.

Does it affect humans?
The pheromone has no effect on humans; It is species specific! The concentration of pheromone in the air at anyone time is very small and, as pheromones are species specific, the familiarisation pheromone in Adaptil will have no effect on humans or other animal species. Since pheromones are not systemically absorbed, the absence of toxicity and side effects makes them particularly beneficial to sick or aged pets, and allows for their safe use alone or in combination with psychotropic drug therapy.

Is Adaptil safe to use if you are pregnant?
Yes, the Adaptil Diffuser is safe to use if you are pregnant. For more information about safety, please check the CEVA Australia website.

What about multi-pet households?
Adaptil Diffuser helps in multi cat households where there is tension between cats, by decreasing overall stress. Conversely, in cases where recognized aggression is displayed (with fights, attacks, wounds), consulting a behaviorist is strongly recommended.


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